Published: Co-creation (stand-alone)

Sun shining on a planet surrounded by space clouds
Picture by Larisa_K on Pixabay

You can now get my short story Co-creation as a stand-alone e-book!

Back in December last year, Co-creation appeared in the anthology The Sentient Space. I've now released it as a stand-alone e-book as well.

Book cover of Co-creation by Judy Backhouse

Imagine sentient planets and human-scale hybrid organic-and-machine creatures trying to communicate. Timeframes that differ by orders of magnitude. Experiences and histories that hardly intersect. Modes of communication that lack interface protocols (to say the least). The potential for miscommunication is vast.

Could such creatures collaborate in a creative venture? Can this contrite, space-faring creature understand the lives of planets and share their creative process? Will there be further misunderstandings?

Buy your copy and find out!

That link will connect you with several online stores. The story is just under 5500 words and it should cost you 1 EUR. The price may differ slightly across stores because pricing strategies are not entirely under my control. 

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