Cover of the book Broody showing a line drawing in yellow of a pregnant woman against a background of stars in blue
Cover design by Judy Backhouse

Published: Broody

Shira, researcher and weaver, enjoys a life of unfettered creativity in the hyper-dense city of Jozi in Eurafrica, a life made possible not least by technology and social innovations that removed the burden of incubating and growing new humans. Shira researches old birthing traditions and is conducting an unorthodox experiment. On the other side of the planet, Lucot is trying to modernise birthing practices in the unevolved Americas. They collaborate in this tale of curiosity and compassion that explores the balance between useful social norms and individual freedom.

Broody is a longish short story at 10000 words. 

Broody is available from Judy's Makings online store or from online bookstores and libraries.

You can read more about the thinking behind this book in this earlier blog post.

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