A wall with a painting on the left and a bookshelf on the right. The painting depicts four women hanging onto a sheet of metal far above a city street. The bookshelf is full of books, toys and two geodes.
Picture by Judy Backhouse

Published: Joy

Joy is a short story about a personal computer that is gradually becoming conscious.

The Lit Nerds published it in January 2024. You can read it here

All the AI developments in 2023 inspired this story, particularly the news that AI was being incorporated into so many software tools. What would happen if my laptop's operating system got automatic intelligent upgrades?

Of course there is a gap between AI and consciousness, so I am using a bit of artistic licence here 😊.

I was particularly interested in exploring the relationship between a personal computer and the person who uses it. My laptop is pretty central to my existence, as a memory extension and as a tool for making and communicating.

How would that relationship look from the other side of the screen? I've tried to imagine what kind of being my laptop would be, what would interest it, frustrate it, bring it joy. 




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