Vignette 7: Accommodation sub-processor

City of Porto, Portugal in the evening with lights reflected in the river
Picture by nuno_lopes on Pixabay

Alert for accommodation sub-processor City of Porto.

Rate of occupation predicted to rise above ninety-five percent in next orbit. Outside of safe range. Take action.

Get predicted population growth. No way to reduce broods already in progress. Big hatchings in the next quarter-orbit. Reduce numbers for new broods or space the hatchings? Both. Calculating curve for spaced hatchings with reduced numbers. Reduce brood size by five percent and increase spacing by fifteen days for a good curve. Reductions of up to five percent acceptable to only fifty-seven percent of citizens. Compromise between growth curve and citizen satisfaction suggests optimal reduction at three point two percent with spacing increased by eighteen days. Approve temporary restriction for two orbits? Approved. Implemented.

Reduce permits for out-of-brood hatchlings? Calculating. Minimal impact on population curves, significant negative impact on citizen morale. Action not advised. Check calculations. Action not advised.

Get rate of new group-lodge completions. Calculate available units. Rate of accommodation provision only two percent greater than predicted population growth. Margin unacceptable.

Get lodges under repair? Nine thousand four hundred and twenty-six. Repair rates have been dropping over the last three orbits. Query repair rate decline. Critical resources not available. Query critical resources. Critical resources with low availability include plumbing and electrical automatons. Check supply of automatons. Query manufacturing sub-processor. Automatons prioritised for production at present include cleaning, food preparation, tele-marketing and public sector clerical. Request increased priority for plumbing and electrical automatons. Request denied.

Constant supply of plumbing and electrical automatons predicted for the next five orbits. Re-allocate electrical automatons from tech manufacture? Four percent reallocation approved. Implemented.

Re-allocate plumbing automatons from water provision? Denied. Any other sources of plumbing automatons? None. Redesign group-lodge plumbing? Six re-designs authorised in the past three orbits. Two show savings in construction time, two show earlier failure rates. More data needed to identify optimal design. Omit plumbing from group-lodge construction? People depend on water. Redesign people? No algorithm, no authorisation for that action.  

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