rock splitting open to reveal gold with the moon looming large on the horizon

About my fiction

My fiction is a fairly new experiment. Some of you may be familiar with my art blog, or my other blog Judy's Views. This one was born out of my love of science fiction and of technology and the way that they can be used to imagine better world futures. My day job that tries to bring about such better world futures might also have played a part.

When I exhibited my Mandala Series at the end of 2016, I got more compliments for the text that I wrote to go with the pictures, than I did for the pictures themselves. That made me think that maybe I should explore using words more. So that's what I have been doing. 

I'm planning to post here some short stories and some vignettes, mostly to test the water and see if anyone is interested in the stuff I am writing, to hear from readers what they like and what they don't, but also to build a following in case I want to persuade a publisher to look at my first novel. I'm working on something set in 2050 and so vignettes labelled 2050 are part of the world-building for that. I'll also publish other unrelated stories here.

None of what I put here will go on social media, so if you are interested and want to know when I make new posts, please sign up here to my mailing list. I expect to post around twice a month. You can get in touch by email at any time using fiction at judybackhouse dot com.

This article was updated on July 3, 2021