About my fiction

Painting of colourful city buildings
Image by IlonaS on Pixabay

My fiction is born out of my love of complex social systems, cities, technology, and science fiction. Now I get to combine these interests to imagine better futures for humans. Writing fiction is my retirement gig after a career that meandered through information systems, higher education, and electronic governance. Much of that work tried to improve the future for individuals, society and the world.

Here I post short vignettes set in my future worlds, ideas and images that inspire my writing, and news about stories I've published. I work mostly in two worlds. In 2050, I explore how things might change in the next thirty years. In 2500, the tech is cooler and the social engineering is more extreme. I also write occasional stories that are out of this world.

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Dig around to find out more about the worlds I'm creating. What do you like? What would make your future good? Which characters interest you? I'd love to hear your thoughts.