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I am currently working on a series of portraits (right). For an introduction to this new series, see my blog.

The series I completed in 2016 was of mandalas (left). The mandala series explored emotions using shape and colour. For an overview of the series, see my blog.

Read more about my art at judy's art site.

Buy my work at South African Artists.


I like to explore ideas. I keep a rather occasional blog, Judy's Views, for these and other thoughts.

Some of my more recent posts are about creativity and connecting, the new IBM research centre in Braamfontein, and the experience of beauty.


This year I launched Better, with my son, Andrew. Better is a physical space for creative makers and freelancers to work, meet, play and learn.

Better is a mix of coworking space, events venue, craft centre and playroom for grown-ups. We wanted to make a space which would encourage creativity, validate life choices to create and enable more people to experience the joy of creating. We are a homely, cosy and casual place.

For more information, see our awesome handmade web site. You can contact Better on 011 327 6098.

Information Systems for Smart Cities in Africa

I love cities!

More and more people live in cities. Working out how to live together well is the great task of the twenty-first century. Smart Cities, that is cities that are tech-enabled, promise to make this easier. But we don't know what a smart city might be in Africa, where connectivity and even electricity can't be taken for granted.

My research looks at what Smart Cities might look like for Africa.

For more information see our project blog.


I am a cross-disciplinary scholar based in Information Systems at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.

Here are links to my research.

Google Scholar profile

Academia.edu profile