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Without realising it, I've spent most of my life writing. Most of that was for one or other employer, but I also write for myself. I have shelves full of journals and a motley collection of blogs. I've published a number of newspaper and magazine articles, composed poems here and there and I've a (non-fiction) e-book to my name. I've written a lot of academic articles, so there is a link to my scholarly work down below too.

I'm turning my hand to fiction now, for the first time. There's a link to that work below too. I'm working on what I like to call "future fiction", an exploration of the technologies and societies that may exist in the future.

This page is dedicated to all the writing I've done. In time I'll turn it into a more detailed catalogue of things I've written. If you'd like to know more, leave me your email address and I'll include you in my sporadic newsletters where I share what I'm working on.

Gold inside

My fiction

I write fiction; sci-fi vignettes and short stories
about utopian futures and the social, economic
and political systems that might exist.


Judy's Views

I keep an erratic, but long-running blog for
thoughts about learning, living, work and
wonder. Includes some poems.


Fine Learning Tools

Fine Learning Tools is an experiment in creating a
catalogue of learning tools. The aim is to help you to find
really fine tools for whatever you want to learn.

Book Cover

PhD Paths

I wrote a book "Is a PhD for Me?" to help professionals
decide if a PhD might be something they'd benefit from.
I'm planning a few more in this line.

Book Cover

The Better Blog

Better was a creative co-work space that I was part of in
Jozi in 2017. We kept a blog for that year on topics relating
to creativity and our events and activities.

Book Cover

Scholarly writing

I've conducted research into Mathematics, Information
Systems and Education, particularly Doctoral Education.
Here's where you can find my publications.