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I am a cross-disciplinary scholar. My current research, at the United Nations University, is concerned with Smart City Governance, and particularly the measurement of Smart Cities. I am concerned with how cities develop their Smart City agendas and how these agendas connect to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Previously, I investigated Information Systems for Smart Cities in Africa and topics around ICT for development. I've researched higher education in South Africa and learning in the Information Systems discipline. My PhD looked at Doctoral education in South Africa. I've written a few papers that relate to management and organisations. I also made a small, original contribution to pure mathematics.

Below are links to where you can find my research. In time I hope to organise my papers here by themes, with descriptions of my main research topics and findings, as well as links to download those papers that I still retain any rights over. It's a work in progress.

Judy Backhouse UNU

Current work at UNU-EGOV

I'm currently employed at the United Nations University
where I research the governance of Smart Cities.
The link below leads to the UNU-EGOV site.

Launch meeting

Smart Cities in Africa

I was part of the Information Systems for Smart Cities in Africa
project at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.
We kept a project blog. See the link below.

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Google Scholar

One of the best sites to see all my work. Google
Scholar is less selective about what they consider academic
work, and hence has a more complete record.

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Research Gate

Research Gate is where you'll find my best papers
(as measured by publishing venues). Also a good place to
get copies of my papers, direct from me.

Judy Backhouse Academia image is another place where my research is
collected, particularly the older work in education.
Many papers can be downloaded from the site.

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PhD Paths

PhD Paths is a project, based on my PhD research.
It aims to help professionals who might be
considering PhD studies.