Exploring colour and shape

Judy with Joy

My art explores how to represent abstract and complex concepts using colour and shape. I am interested in the limits of visual language, particularly in the expression of abstract and complex concepts like love, connectedness and energy. I am synesthetic and I experience colour as tactile. Feelings and physical sensations are coloured in my world. I use this sense to relate colour to shapes, texture and emotions.

I am self-taught, learning through short courses and through years of practice. Nothing beats experience when it comes to developing the muscle memory that is used in drawing and painting and the sense of how medium and substrate interact.

I was about twelve years old and drawing pictures of my younger sisters when I first became aware of the deep sense of joy that I got from being able to make what I saw come alive on paper. There was something thrilling and deeply satisfying about drawing. This same deep sense of joy is still what drives me.

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My Art Blog

I write about my art and the process of making it.
Here's a link to my art blog that covers current
projects and catalogues of past work.


Lockdown faces

During 2020 I worked on a series of portraits
of women. I used fineliner pens and layers of
colour to create contours and contrast.



During 2016 I painted a series of Mandalas in
acrylics on canvas. This blog post includes a complete
list of the paintings.

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