Judy Backhouse

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I am currently working on a series of mandala paintings.

Mandalas are symmetric patterns that represent wholeness. Mandalas are also associated with change. This mandala series explores emotions using shape and colour.

Read about my art at judy's art blog.

Buy my work at South African Artists.


I like to explore ideas, and I am constantly working on how to make the world a better place. Some of my current interests are in living, higher education, design, technology and travel.

Some of my thoughts can be found on my blog Judy's Views.

Fine Learning Tools

I want education to change. I don't think it works the way it is currently configured. I am exploring alternatives to traditional education.

I think that learning needs to be separated from education and particularly from educational institutions. Fine Learning Tools explains some of my ideas about education and examines alternative tools for learning.

Information Systems for Smart Cities in Africa

More and more people live in cities. Working out how to live together well is the great task of the twenty-first century. Smart Cities, that is cities that are tech-enabled, promise to make this easier. But we don't know what a smart city might be in Africa, where connectivity and even electricity can't be taken for granted.

For more information see our project blog.


I am a cross-disciplinary scholar researching in information systems and education. Below are links to my research.

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Academia.edu profile